Gabriela Thanner

Gabriela Thanner

(Founder of Crystal Water & Development of Light-Photon-Technology)


Is amazed of water more than 30 years. During her time working in Paris (international Marketing), she always was touched by water again and again.


Meeting on her Water-Journey international Water-Research Scientist in all parts of the world, she is keeping on her own water-research recognizing the Global Water-Situation and the meaning for humanity. Her work and research is nourished from many wise water-researchers, to name a few:

Ayhan Doyuk

Fritz Albert Popp (discovery of “Bio-Photons”)

Marco Bischof (Bio-Photons)

Masaru Emoto

Patrick Flanagan

Jacques Beneveniste

Viktor Schauberger

Johann Grander


““Since I was I child, water was fascinating me. During all my Lifetime, no matter where I was working, always water was involved, as it was “working on me”.


Randomly... I met this entire scientist – all over the world – with an inner call:

The Source of Life – Water


To discover all secrets of water, why is it so different from all other elements, impossible to put his ways of existence in well-known scientific rules, which is the most amazing research factor… it seems to endless…

This engagement for water is like a wake-up call for me:


To multiply my knowledge, my wisdom, experience, talent – all my courage to search and research, development of the Light-Photon-Technology, testing…


I began to invest all my possibilities for the development of UN DEVICE – including all possibility - - for a simple installation- in different varieties –with the possibility to optimize water in its’ quality in nearly all fields of use – for a Life-regenerating and useful employ of Water Vitalization.


To take responsibility myself, as far as I can, in contributing my work to help water going back from “liquid” into “water”- Life-experience, being mother myself, recognizing the Global Environmental Situation – this is now the motivation to get visible for Water- and the reason to create a Water-Foundation: Women for Water


To Enrich the Quality of your Life –

… Is our Goal!

The Restoration of Nature within –

… Is the Gift to our Children!

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WETEX 2012

Waste Water Summit 2012, April 24th -26th, Dubai
Chair/Moderator of Event:
Prof. Walid Abderahman, Saudi Arabia,
Chairman/CEO Miahona/ACWUA

Conference with participation of Ministers, Decision-makers: MENA, GCC, UAE
Crystal Water is  "Water Innovation Partner"
Panelist at "Opening Panel Discussion":
Topic: " Wastewater could be a Resource rather than a Liability"
Speaker opening day 3:  "Global Water Situation - Light Photons offering New Solutions for Water & Environment".
Now participation for different  Environment AWARDS in UAE
Further Global Key Speaker in upcoming Conferences
13. – 15. March

International Exhibition & Conference on Water, Energy Technology and Environment

Dubai International
Exhibition Center

Za‘abeel Hall & Hall 1-4
As Member of German Water Partnership, you find us:

Za’abeel Hall,
E 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
Talking at the Conference:
March 14th, 3H30 to 4H00 p.m.
The Global Water Situation
Latest scientific Research
The Importance of the
memory of Water
The Importance of Light-Photons in Water
We proudly present being Member of
German Water Partnership
Solutions to Global Challenges - Made in Germany

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We enjoyed our participation at the WETEX 2011
The enormous interest and success is guiding us to more activity in Dubai, UAE and Middle East
Looking forward to enrich the quality of your Life with our outstanding Technology for Water and Environment...
We are glad to share some Press and Media information with you, please read below!
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Quantica-Kongress Heidelberg
Mai 2011

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